Yankees Sign Gio Gonzalez to Minor League Deal

The New York Yankees have signed pitcher Gio Gonzalez to a minor league deal. Gonzalez was eyed by the Yankees ever since Luis Severino went down with an injury during spring training. Should Gonzalez make the major league roster he will be owed only 3 million dollars, incentives could make him paid a total of 12 million (300K per start).

This is a solid move for the Yankees who desperately need the pitching depth. Losing Severino and Sabathia early is not a good sign even though the teams first month is pretty easy with only a few teams being over .500 last season. Tanaka will most likely have some kind of time on the injured list and Paxton might as well. This is a good signing that comes cheap for the team.

Gonzalez who is on the declining parts of his career could still provide the Yankees with quality starts that will go a long way during the 162 game season. The Yankees current rotation is as follows.

Severino, Tanaka, Paxton, Happ, CC/Gonzalez

This is a very solid lineup that could become even stronger by the trade deadline in July. As for now I am excited with this lineup along with the shutdown bullpen. If the injury bug treats us nice, this will be a very fun season for Yankees fans.


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