Giants Sign Golden Tate

The Giants have signed ex Lions and Eagles wide receiver Golden Tate to a 4 year 37.5 million dollar deal with 23 million being fully guaranteed. My initial reaction was that I like the player and HATE the contract. The Giants claim they are “rebuilding” well then this deal makes little sense. Sure you save money by losing Beckham’s deal but you take on a 31 year old receiver who is pretty much an older version of Sterling Shepard.

Golden Tate is an excellent receiver but clearly the Giants organization is split on which direction they are going. They want to compete and also rebuild… newsflash guys you cant do that it just does not work. Also paying Eli Manning 23 million this year does not help the so called rebuild either.

The Giants receivers now consist of Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, Corey Coleman, and Evan Engram as tight end.

I like Golden Tate but there is this receiver named Odell Beckham Jr. who I heard is really good, maybe the Giants should give his agent a call…….

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