Giants Trade OBJ?!?!?!

The NY Giants are trying to become the new Browns of the NFL and yes they are succeeding. Trading Odell Beckham Jr. after saying we did not sign him to trade him just proves this team has no clue what it is doing. You are stuck in a rebuild but you don’t know it. The Giants could have literally cut Eli Manning saved the 23 million and drafted a quarterback at the number 6 pick. Instead they trade away one of the best receivers in football to the Browns for a first and third round pick along with Jabrill Peppers.

Dave Gettleman has completely shifted the attitude of this fanbase and it does not look like it is going to get any better. The definition of delusion is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Giants are just a synonym for the word delusion as they continue to make questionable moves. They did not want to trade Landon Collins at last years trade deadline and then let him walk in free agency. They lost an all pro safety and got NOTHING in return.

The Giants have already improved the offensive line and things were looking better. They could have addressed the weakened defense in other ways as well.

All that the Giants had to do was draft Kyler Murray or Dwyane Haskins at the #6 pick of the 2019 NFL Draft and they would have been fine. Instead they trade the heart and soul of the team in Beckham and now are left with Eli Manning at the helm.

Delusion at its finest or should I just say GiantsPride, to make matters worse free agency has only just begun, who knows what this team will do next. So long OBJ I hope you see the postseason in Cleveland because despite what the media “portrayed” you to be, you always left it on the field and for that you’ll always be a Giant to me.

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