Giants Let Collins Walk

The Giants have decided to let their star safety Landon Collins walk after not franchise tagging him by the 4pm deadline. This comes as a surprising move since the Giants did not trade him at last seasons deadline. The Giants did not like the 11 million cap tag limit so they let Collins walk.

Dave Gettlemen’s message to the locker room is a wary one. He let the teams defensive captain walk because they felt that paying Eli Manning 23 million and Vernon 19 million was a smarter the decision. This will for sure rub players the wrong way and the Giants do not seem to have any identity as a football team. They believe they can still win games but they are letting their defense go? None of it makes any sense.

With the NFL draft upcoming a lot of questions are in the air regarding this team. Does Haskins fall to number 6 and if he does do the Giants take him? Do they go for a pass rusher or try and solidify the weak offensive line? A team with limited cap room and draft position cannot do much and unfortunately the Giants are that team.

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