Devils Enter All Star Break In 8th Place In Metro Division

The Devils were defeated by the Ducks 3-2 and now enter the all star break with many questions still unanswered, the main one being who is getting traded?

This team will all the injuries it has suffered will be sellers at the deadline it seems. Hall has missed significant time and Marcus has been hurt on and off, so has Cory. I believe guys like Stafford, Lovejoy, Zacha, and pretty much anybody outside of Hall, Hischier, Palmieri, Butcher and Bratt are options to be traded.

The Devils lack defensive structure, don’t believe me? Go check every game they have played in and most games they concede too many goals. Goaltending has been unsteady and this fanbase is not used to it after having a hall of fame goalie for 20 seasons.

Hall is not getting traded he is here for the long haul as he has said he loves it in New Jersey. People seem to forget he had it much worse in Edmonton and wanted to stay there. His chemistry with Nico Hischier is at a high level and will only improve.

Kinkaid if he has any value at this point will be traded in my opinion. With Blackwood playing well and Schneider activated off the Injured Reserve the team cannot carry three goalies on the roster. Unless they plan the keep Blackwood in the AHL which would be a massive mistake then all eyes are pointed at Kinkaid being dealt.

This team is not as bad as they look. Injuries have played a big part this season. If the Devils can acquire better defensive players via trade and offseason the team will be better off. Ty Smith will definitely be on the NHL roster next summer especially after this disaster of a season defensively. New Jersey has a lot of cap to spend as well even with most of it going towards an extension to Taylor Hall and Nico Hischier.

The rookies are promising for this team and they will continue to improve as they play more. Hopefully Joey Anderson can return sometime this season after his broken ankle injury. I have really liked Brett Seney this season.

I trust Ray Shero although this season has been difficult to watch. Shero got us Palmieri, Hall and Mojo in each offseason he has been with us. I look towards him to do more moves but now on the defensive side. The Devils have the scoring they lacked 3 seasons ago, now they need the defense. I believe Blackwood could be the goalie of the future for this team as he has played very well in the limited time we have seen him.

The fanbase is getting restless Shero, I hope your master plan comes sooner rather than later. This team worked too hard last season to get respect back only to see it being lost again this season. We need Devils hockey back and fast.

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