One Giant Loss to End the Season

The Giants have perfectly excuted the tanking strategy with their final drive. Dallas scores on 4th and 15 by an incredible catch by Cole Beasley. Dallas goes for two because they have nothing to lose and the Giants give it up. But wait Dallas gets called for taunting and the Giants after their return are basically at the 50 yard line with 50 seconds left and timeouts. Here’s the best part…. THEY GET ZERO YARDS ON FOUR PLAYS!!!!

This is literally tanking in its finest. All you need is 20 or so yards and your pro bowl kicker will win the game. Barkley the stud running back who will win Offensive Rookie of the Year did not get targeted on the drive. You really cant lose a game when you are in this situation and yet the Giants do.

The season ends at 5-11 and all eyes are pointed at Dwayne Haskins as a probable draft pick. There are many needs that the Giants still need to address going into the offseason one big one being help in the secondary. Riley and company cannot seriously be on this roster come summer time, it just cant happen. The secondary is laughable at best. The offensive line needs more improvement no matter who is standing behind it next season.

The bright spots were Evan Engrams second half emergence in this offense. Saquon Barkley is a superstar and future Hall of Famer. Odell was great when on the field lets hope he can stay healthy all 16 games next year. The addition of Jamon Brown was a huge add to the offensive line. Jenkins in my opinion had a good year for us as he was the only corner worth looking at, the others were just not what you want to see. Landon Collins as usual was a tackling machine although he did struggle covering tight ends this season.

Overall it was just another disappointing season by the Giants. The New York market expects and deserves better than what they have seen the last few seasons. You expect this kind of stuff from the Jets not the Giants. Whats done is done and the Giants will now have to prepare early for this upcoming draft.

Lets see what we do in April… before you know it the preseason will be upon us and hopefully its one that has a much improved roster for its fanbase.

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