Player Profile: Didi Gregorius

Photo By: Jon Schwartz

Didi Gregorius is easily a fan favorite among Yankees fans. From his clutch hits like his home run in the ALCS Wild Card to his emoji tweets Didi is one of a kind. We know a lot about our shortstop but here are some things you may not have known about Sir Didi.

His father played pro baseball in the Netherlands and his mother was a national softball player.

He was named a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau by the Dutch government after winning the 2011 World Baseball Classic.

He got the name Didi because his teammates in the United States could not pronounce “Mariekson.”

Was once suspected of using steroids in 2011 while playing in the minors with the Cincinnati Reds. He had elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol but it was due to a medical problem.

Didi is a big fan of art. Photo below was posted from his Twitter account of Derek Jeter.

BzSKWRiCcAAJdYHGregorius’ affinity for art began in elementary school, and he vividly remembers getting in trouble with his teachers for sketching during class. Three years ago, he started incorporating color into his pieces, a technique he never liked, but one that he’s been pushing himself to attempt more. Last year, he spent six hours creating a black-and-white drawing of Jeter and posted it on his Twitter and Instagram account for his fans to see. The response was overwhelmingly positive. “I don’t think Jeter knows about it yet,” Gregorius says, noting that he has not yet had the opportunity to meet his predecessor. “It’ll be cool to see a legend,” he adds. “That’s what everybody calls him… the legend, the captain. It’ll be amazing.” (Jennifer Kamm, Haute Living)

Would have become a doctor if he had not gone pro, he also does not drink alcohol. (Haute Living)

Here is Didi during Roll Call Idol:


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