Giants 40 Redskins 16

Eli Manning and company completely destroyed Washington 40-16. The Giants dropped 40 and it seems this team can hit 30 points or more every game now with the improved offensive line. OBJ was out and the Giants still blew out Washington. Saquon Barkley had 14 carries for 170 yards! He now has 1,124 on the season and is the first Giants rookie to break 1000 yards in a season. This kid is going to be great especially when the line can create holes for him. He torched the Redskins defense for a 78 yard touchdown.

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Eli Manning played fantastic and had time to make throws when needed. Without OBJ the other guys stepped up including Engram. The Giants scored 40 but Eli surprisingly only threw for 197 yards on 14/22 passing. The Giants defense did the start the game with a pick six that was tipped. The Giants defensive line had 5 total sacks and pressured Mark Sanchez the entire game… until he was pulled. Vernon stepped up big and had 1.5 sacks to show for it.

With Sanchez starting this was a game the Giants had to win and did it easily. Sanchez was pulled for Johnson who looked decent. At that point the Giants defense played a little soft to milk the clock after their offensive starters got to sit the fourth quarter.

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It finally happened, Kyle Laulleta saw the football field. He went 0/5 with an interception. Yeah so that will stall the bench Eli talks for the rest of the season. Its a small sample size but nonetheless he did not look good at all.

The Giants are now 5-8 and with Dallas beating Philadelphia the Giants cannot win the NFC East. The Wild Card is still a slim possibility but this team is really building momentum towards the 2019 season. If they get this improved O line and Barkley will only get better we may see Eli for one last season and hopefully its one that see’s the Giants reach the postseason.

I also got to meet Justin Tuck in Atlantic City at the Resorts Casino to top off a great Sunday for Giants football.


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