Devils Lose Season Series to Lightning 3-0

Photo By: Arizona Daily Star

The Devils lose at home 5-1 in their final game against the Lightning this season. The good news is the beatdowns can finally stop since we don’t have to play them again. That is about the only good news there is as the game was one sided the entire time. Tampa is just simply a powerhouse on all four lines. The Devils have one good line and the other three are average or below average and thats just a fact. They cannot handle teams like Tampa Bay but luckily there are not many like them in the league.

Hall was benched for the final seven minutes of the second period right after he pushed that pass to the Tampa forward and got scored on to make the game 4-1. This came right after New Jersey scored on Egor Yakovlev’s first NHL goal. Once Tampa scored immediately after any hopes of winning this game were lost. Benching Hall was pretty much the Devils throwing in the towel. I understand he was not playing well that game, but who else is going to provide offense on this team the way its been playing? Cory was the starter in net for the third period and was scored on 20 seconds into the period. I really feel bad for him as he appears to have no confidence left.The Devils will now go play the Kings in Los Angeles Thursday night. The Kings may be one of the few teams who are playing worse than the Devils right now. Their leading point scorer is Anze Kopitar with 17 points on the season. I would laugh at that but its not like our record is any better.

This is how our night went in one photo.


Photo By: The New York Times

Ultimately I am hoping that the Devils can take out the Kings and start this road trip on a good note. This team could use a change of scenery quite honestly. Look for Cory Schneider to get the start on Thursday and hopefully he gets the win as well. The Kings struggle to score so the Devils need to take advantage of that and early.

If they cannot defeat the Kings on Thursday then there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed Ray Shero and the management staff. Kovalchuk is not going to be in the lineup as he is out for four weeks with an ankle issue. He better be healthy for the February 5th matchup in Newark because I will be going to that game and want to hear the boo’s rain down on him.

It will be better than hearing our own fans boo the Devils against Tampa last night…

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