Giants 30 Bears 27

Photo by Danielle Parhizkaran/North

The first half was a defensive battle. Ogletree had a pick six on the second play of the game putting the Giants up 7-0. The Bears would then go three and out and the Giants get the ball back. Eli and the Giants offense just cant get anything going and end up punting. That was the story for them the first half. Ogletree gets his second pick with one hand that would get everyone in the stadium roaring with excitement, but the Giants cant score off it. The Bears would then score on fourth and one with Hicks rolling his way for a rushing touchdown. Im not going to lie it was funny to see that. I cant forget that catch by Robinson over Webb as well, what a catch. Saquon pretty much stole us those 3 points at the end of the half on his 23 yard rush. Rosas should be in the pro bowl because this kid can kick the football. Eli Manning got away with throwing an interception to Odell in the first. Chicago has a tough secondary and it showed the entire first half.

Allen Robinson (12) goes up over B.W. Webb (23) to make spectacular catch. Danielle Parhizkaran/North

ODELL PASSING TOUCHDOWN. Yes you read that right OBJ throws a bomb to Russel Shepard and the Giants take the lead. Maybe the Giants should run that play more often considering its 2-2 on the year both going for touchdowns.

The Giants offense would keep going. Saquon leads then downfield (also hurdles a player) only to see the Giants run three embarrassing plays at the goaline. Shurmur goes for it on 4th down and Eli is about to get lit up but lobs a ball up to a wide open OBJ and the Giants lead 24-14

The defense has really stepped up in these last few weeks. The offensive line is finally starting to seem like a complete unit and it will benefit Eli and the run game immensely.

Barkley thankfully came back after an injury scare and the Giants take a sack get taken out of field goal range which is the worst possible scenario. Chicago gets the ball at the 2 yard line after a spectacular play by the special teams unit to keep the ball out of the endzone.

2:26 left and Gabriel fumbles and the Giants recover!!

Giants settle for a field goal and its 27-14 Chicago gets their own field goal and its 27-17 pending Chicago’s onside kick attempt… Bears get it unbelievable.

Cohen burns Collins to extend their drive and the Bears are in the Giants 10. Flags have been flying the whole game. Final play 3 seconds… Cohen throws a touchdown and its tied. The Giants blew a 10 point lead with 2 min left.

Giants win the coin toss and get a field goal in OT after Sterling Shepard drops a pass in the endzone that he HAS to catch in that situation. Bears ball with 6 minutes left

Bears fumble three times on their drive recovering them all. 4th and 9 and the Giants…. WIN THE GIANTS WIN!!!

What a game it looked like a sure thing with 2min left but they blew the lead only to win it in overtime. This team is 4-1 since the bye week and should be 5-0 but we wont go there. Its awesome seeing the boys in blue rip wins off even if it hurts their draft position. You play to win every week and boy does it feel good to win. Barkley running all over the best defense in the league is a great sight to see. This team has heart and its showing in a statement win!

Final Score Giants 30 Bears 27

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