Game Recap: Devils 3 Jets 4

Photo by New Jersey Herald

The Devils fall in OT to the Jets 4-3. The Devils were tied late in the third period and then conceded a goal to fall 2-1. Minutes later the Jets get another goal and it looked liked the game was over and the crowd was silent. The Devils were awarded a powerplay and finally converted on one with a great shot by Bratt and screen by Boyle. The Devils then pulled Kinkaid for the extra attacker and a huge scramble ensued in front of the net and guess who was there to smash in the tying goal. Taylor Hall the MVP. The Jets would challenge for goalie interference and lose the challenge.

OVERTIME: This may have been the craziest overtime I have ever seen, it was back and forth the entire time and the Devils should have ended it with their 2 on 0 break with Nico and Hall but they cant convert. Nico needs to shoot in that situation because thats the rule on those situations always shoot. To make it worse he was staring down Taylor Hall so the goalie knew he was passing. Nico could try the fake pass and then snipe a shot but in that situation your mind is racing and he decided to just pass resulting in Hall having nothing great to shoot at. Its Nico and I cant get mad at him, we all know he will learn from this and become more confident in those situations. He has that deadly snipe shot that we have seen especially when he scored in four straight games last year. Heres the video below.


Kinkaid made two unbelievable saves in overtime that should have been goals. He really has been improving as a goaltender for this team and it is pretty fun to watch. Ultimately Scheifele would end the game with 16 seconds left.

Why Hynes decided to play Stafford I have no idea and quite honestly I dont think he knows either. He is useless offensively and they decide to play McLeod for 5 minutes on the fourth line and then send him back to the AHL. Decisions like that make no sense and this is why we are losing. Look at Seney, he is making plays and creating offense. How will we know what Mcleod can do if you give him FIVE MINUTES of ice time, thats just a joke.

Changes need to come and it has to start with the management because all the respect we earned last year is being lost.

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