Devils Lose Florida Road Trip

The Devils lose 5-2 to the Lightning and 4-3 in OT to the Panthers in which the Devils got scored on with 1 min left. The Devils avoided a major injury scare with Nico Hischier getting smashed into the boards in the third. He came back late in the game and it just shows how tough that kid is. The team could use some of his toughness cause they look like crap. The defense breaks down at the worst times and neither goalie has much of a chance to make saves. Schneider’s luck is horrible and the team does not know how to play hockey in front of him. In my opinion Hynes is on the hot seat because this team has something seriously wrong with it. Losing points in overtime is getting old and the team barely competes in overtime. Hall cannot do it all like last year and this years defense is much worse than last. I missed the game tonight so I cant speak to much of this game. Comment what you think is happening to this team.

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