Giants Season Pretty Much Over After Loss to Eagles

The Giants lose to the Eagles 25-22 after leading 19-3 and 19-11 after halftime. The Giants dominated the first half excluding the only touchdown drive by Philadelphia. They put up over 300 yards of offense and Barkley had 94 rushing yards at halftime. But apparently the coaching staff had enough of Barkley because he had 4 carries the entire second half. This is simply unacceptable and quite honestly just down right stupid. They took the ball out of their superstar rookie and actually expected to win?


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Eli before the half threw in my opinion one of the worst passes of his career, which led to an easy interception while trying to force the ball to Odell when he had Barkley at the 20 yard line wide open with room to run. He then mismanaged the play clock on third down and 18 and burned a timeout which made no sense. Take the penalty and dump the ball down to the running back like you would have done regardless of the 5 yards. This is just not okay from a veteran quarterback… know the situation that you are in.

The second half was all Eagles and the Giants did not even try to attack their sad excuse of a secondary. Odell had 5 catches for 85 yards and was hardly targeted. Shurmur’s play calling was extremely poor and he didn’t know what he was doing out there. Your offense was torching them the first half and everything that you did that half you don’t do in the second. Theres just no excuse for that. The defense was hopeless outside of Landon Collins and Haley. They could not make stops when needed and it ended up costing them the game as the offense forgot how to play football. Olivier Vernon is only mentioned when he takes penalties because he actually does nothing else to help this team. He was lucky he was not penalized for a facemask in the fourth quarter.

Remember the wasted timeout? Well it came back to haunt the Giants when the Eagles were able to convert on fourth down and waste the clock and kick the game winning field goal. At least it was not 61 yards….. The Giants should have just gave them the end zone and got the ball back with almost 2 minutes on the clock and a timeout. They would have had a much better chance than 15 seconds at your own 30.

The refs were horrible and that missed call on Beckham was laughable, but then again so was that pass interference call on Jeffrey’s. The refs should not be able to impact the game to the point where they are actually ruining it. The NFL needs to get these guys in check because football is becoming a joke to watch.

Ultimately the “run the table” talk will come to an end as the Giants fall to 3-8. The questions about who should play quarterback will heat back up and things go back to normal with this team. Fans can only look to the offseason now and see what this organization does with its roster. Here’s a start dump Vernon’s contract to anyone who wants it.

Giants 22 Eagles 25 five straight losses to the Eagles….. GiantsPride


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  1. I agree. Coaching, referees, and Eli list that game. The rest of team tried thier hearts out and looked pretty good most of the time.

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