Giants defeat Buccaneers 38-35

The Giants win a shootout against Tampa Bay. What looked like an easy victory turned out to be closer than fans wanted with Winston coming into the game and playing well. Saquon Barkley had a career high 27 carriers for 142 yards. He really made it impossible for anyone on Tampa’s defense to tackle him.  The Giants were having it all with Fitzpatrick picking him off 3 times. The Giants played pretty well the first half despite the narrow lead at halftime.

They came out great in the third quarter and started to build their lead to 17 only to see Winston tear it back down. Luckily Engram came up with a big 54 yard reception late to seal the game for the boys in blue. Eli looked great again with plenty of time behind his line which finally may be coming together. He also only threw one incompletion ALL game. If there is a positive after this season maybe it can be that the offensive line finally plays well like these lasts two games.

The defense was spotty in the fourth quarter but they still found a way to get the win. Well the offense did but its a team effort. Odell had a “quiet” day receptions wise but torched this Tampa secondary with ease. JPP had his reunion in NY and the fans were thrilled to see him in person again. He did sack Eli once but did help him up and pat him on the helmet for no hard feelings.

The Giants are now 3-7 and 2-0 since Odell made the run the table comments, this team could do it especially since they play in the NFC L(east). Although its unlikely they win out its fun to see life in this offense and see it explode for 38 points. With all these playmakers this is what fans should be seeing more often.

They play the Eagles next week in Philadelphia and if the Giants can pull out a win on the road, then things may start to get interesting. If not then their season is most likely over.

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