Giants Defeat 49ers 27-23

THE NEW YORK GIANTS WIN! I got to be honest its been a tough season and obviously losing makes sense to secure a draft pick, but in that moment real fans were rooting for Eli to clutch it out. That was his 36th game winning drive only Brees and Big Ben have more (40) since 2004. Booger McFarland was talking trash saying how he didn’t think Eli was a hall of famer. That guy should not even be on a broadcast with all the nonsense he talks about, but Eli let his play talk and got the Giants the win.

Yes we beat the 49ers but a wins a win and it felt amazing seeing Eli smile for once and not show one of his classic Manning faces. The Giants are now 2-7 and yes they will still end up with a high draft pick even by winning last night. The questions will remain the same however, does Lauletta get a chance to play this season. I still believe he will at some point but only time will tell. Lets talk stats from last night.


Eli played pretty well going 19-31 for 188 and 3 TD’s which was a season high for him. Two went to Odell and one went to Shepard for the game winner and what a throw it was. Odell looked great catching two TD’s along with 74 yards. He looked focused and so did the rest of the offense. Barkley played great again and made Sherman look foolish with that late run in the final minutes of the game.

The Defense in my opinion was great. BJ Goodson was all over the field and in the right places at the right times. He had 2 picks with a sack. Both interceptions were off tips but he was there to make the play. The pass rush was not the best but still got the job done in the end. The defense made the game interesting  by Lorenzo Carter getting the roughing the passer call. Mullens had one final chance at the end zone but threw it out of bounds.

Overall the feeling was great seeing the guys in white celebrate. The numbers are heavily against the Giants making the playoffs obviously, but hey 9-7 has happened before and maybe it can happen again. Its not like the NFC East is that good anyway.

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