Game Recap: Devils fall to Islanders 3-0

The Devils were defeated 3-0 to the Islanders tonight. The Devils are now 1-5-1 in their last seven and things are looking ugly currently for this team. The decision to play Gabriel over Joey Anderson is just plain stupid as Gabriel provides no offensive presence at all. The Devils were awarded two power plays very early in the game and could not capitalize on them. They were then scored on during the Islanders power play which put them down 1-0 after the first period.

They struggled to generate any real scoring chances all game and once the Islanders scored late in the third you knew the game was lost. New Jersey was scoreless on all their power play opportunities. The Devils need to find ways to score it cant all rely on the first line. Does Hynes break apart the first line and spread it around the other three? I believe that they need to play the young kids who have speed and that will result in them getting more scoring chances. Players that have no speed are not going to help this team get out of this slump. We all know Drew Stafford is a waste of a spot over a young kid that can get valuable minutes and to the very least do as little as Stafford does on the ice.

Hynes has to get this in check now because its getting really ugly real quick. I am starting to get flash backs of the 2015 team and thats something no Devils fan wants to remember.

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