New York Giants Bye Week Recap

The Giants are still 1-7 because this is their bye week and they cant lose during this week, can they? Well maybe but they cant lose a football game at least. Kyle Lauletta had a run in with the police that will result in him appearing in Hudson County Court. His original date of November 7th has been rescheduled for a later date. He joined the team the next morning on Wednesday for practice.

The Giants will face the 49ers on Thursday Nov.12th against the new quarterback Nick Mullens who went off against the Raiders. This will be a tough game for the Giants but at this point what game has not been tough for them?

Head Coach Pat Shurmur is a no nonsense coach and I have not given up on him yet like most people out there have. He was given this disaster of a roster and now has to try and fix it. I thought he handled the whole Odell interview perfectly and that was something fans needed to see from the coach of this team. Shurmur knows that Eli will eventually have to sit on the bench, the question is when and does he have the courage to actually do it. I believe that he does.

Overall the defense has been pretty damn good considering they are on the field most of the time. They bend but they don’t break. Yeah they may give up big plays but they can usually force the offense to kick a field goal. The Giants offense gives them no help and ultimately they are just gassed by the fourth quarter and cannot keep the game in reach any longer. If this team wants to win more than one game this season then the offense will need to actually score a touchdown before garbage time.

Notable Players:

Saquon Barkley has been one of the few bright spots to watch on this team. He has over 1,000 yards from scrimmage already and is on pace to put up insane numbers behind a horrid O-line. He also has seven touchdowns total which leads the team.

Odell Beckham Jr. has quietly put together a nice stat line with this horrible offense as well. He has 61 receptions for 785 yards with only two touchdowns and his longest reception is 51 yards. He has looked great coming off his injury last season only problem is Eli cant deliver the ball behind his line. Odell can only do so much as a receiver and the Giants 1-7 record proves that.

Sterling Shepard has also been great as expected. He has 4o receptions posting 542 yards with two touchdowns. He has been great at running his routes and making tough catches in traffic.


Evan Engram has had a rough season not including his knee injury that kept him out for a few weeks. He has been dropping passes to often in critical situations like third down. This was always his one weakness besides blocking and it has not seemed to have gotten any better this year. He needs to start catching passes thrown at him if he wants to be a threat in this offense.

Eli Manning has obviously looked awful this year only throwing 8 touchdown passes and six interceptions. Surprisingly though he is one of the leaders in the league in passing yards with 2,377. Eli has no help from his line and since he is not mobile he just will not succeed behind the line. The Giants will eventually have to start giving other quarterbacks some reps to see what they currently have moving forward.

Janoris Jenkins to me has looked pretty average at best considering his current contract. He can usually play well for most of the game the only problem being is that their is times where he does not seem engaged in the game. Plays like when Tavon Austin blew by him in Dallas cannot happen especially when the game literally just started. I was surprised the Giants did not move him at the deadline, I guess the offers just were not good enough.

Obviously the list can go on but I’ll spare myself and anyone reading this the agony of having to see more. In the end the Giants are going to undergo changes with their roster in this back half of the season. It will get messy for sure but hey can it honestly get any worse?

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