Game Recap: Devils get blown out 8-3

The Devils lost 8-3 to the Lightning in a game in which NJ scored twice in the first six minutes. Yes you read that right.. they were up 2-0 and ended up losing 8-3. The Devils decided it was okay to relax with a two goal lead against the team that easily handled them in round one of the playoffs last year. The entire game was just pathetic on both ends to watch. The offense was not there after their 2-0 lead and the defense was laughable. Multiple Tampa Bay players were getting wide open shots at the net and Kinkaid was just left to dry in net. The Devils were out-skated against a team that thrives on turnover opportunities. It got worse when Tampa was awarded a double minor on a high sticking penalty. They scored twice on that Power Play and that was pretty much it for the Devils at that point. Although New Jersey scored late into the second to make it 5-3, they only get blitzed out of the third period and surrender three more goals.

Coach Hynes needs to address this nonsense now because its completely unacceptable. This team finally starts getting respect from around the league and they go out and play like that. This blowout loss at least got Cory Schneider into the game late in his first action since his offseason surgery. This needs to get figured out now before it gets ugly.

The Devils will be in Detroit Thursday night and for their own sake they better show up against a horrible Red Wings team. I would like to see Joey Anderson get another chance in the lineup against Detroit. The kid has speed and the Devils need some more of it in their lineup.

I would not want to be in the Devils locker room after tonights loss.

Goals scored in order: Wood (1) Zajac (3) Coburn (1) Coburn (2) Point (7) Kucherov (4) Stamkos (2) Palmieri (9) Johnson (5) Kucherov (5) McDonagh (1)





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