Giants Fall to 1-7 Time to Start Kyle Lauletta?

The Giants lose another game, this has become a recurring theme the last two years and its beyond tiring. They struggled heavily putting up points. They scored their only touchdown with 17 seconds left in the game. The Giants are excellent at scoring garbage time touchdowns… too bad that does not win you games in this league and it never will. The Giants now enter their bye week at 1-7 and changes need to be made. The Giants are not mathematically out of the playoffs but they may as well be. Lauletta needs to get game action and the final breaking point for me wanting Eli benched is this right here.


No Eli did not throw to the WIDE OPEN TARGET on this play, instead he forced the ball to Saquon Barkley moments later forcing a field goal. This is inexcusable from a guy with so many years in the league. If this is what Eli has become then let him sit on the bench and let the kid get some reps. The term “Giants Pride” has become an embarrassment to hear because this team has no pride. The offense is lifeless with countless pro bowl caliber play makers and the defense is on the field far to often. Two straight years where the Giants will ultimately pick in the top 5 in the NFL Draft.

Enter Kyle Lauletta the kid from Richmond with 39 games played and over 10,000 passing yards in college. He was also the MVP of the 2018 Senior Bowl. One thing fans will love seeing from Kyle is that he is mobile. He has the ability to scramble and extend plays when his offensive line cannot hold. This is something Eli could never do as a quarterback.  Everyone knows the Giants current offensive line is complete garbage, why have Eli take hits all game because he cannot run out of the pocket?

The Giants cant botch this qb situation like last year by sitting Eli for Geno Smith. That may have been the most disrespectful move I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. If you sit Eli you do it to get your young qb of the future some reps not for some guy you know wont do anything. The Giants must start Lauletta to know if there is a glimmer of hope of a possible replacement for Manning. If they never let him play they will enter the draft having no clue what to do with their pick.

I will always appreciate Eli for everything he has done for this team and city. He played the game the right way and handled all the criticism that a starting qb gets with nothing but class. Seeing him take down Brady twice is something nobody will ever forget. I just wish the end with the Giants could have been better for Eli, he never deserved any of this.


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