The Current State of the New York Giants

Its not a happy time for the New York Giants or their fan base. The team is off to a 1-6 start after their horrific 3-13 season last year. They drafted Saquon Barkely which lets be real with ourselves, is the only reason people are still watching the games. They just traded Eli Apple and Damon “Snacks” Harrison for some draft picks. Eli Manning cannot perform behind their current O-Line and Odell is always in the news for something.

Lets be honest here, this season is lost and now we will find ourselves looking forward to a top 5 draft pick again, but the question will be the same as last years… is it going to be a quarterback and if so who? The Giants must begin the QB search unless they really think Kyle Lauletta is the future. He may be but he needs to get reps before this season ends. They have some promising guys on the defensive side of the ball in BJ Hill and Lorenzo Carter and they will hopefully improve with every game they play.

The NFC East is the ugliest looking division in football with Washington at 4-2 Philadelphia at 3-4 and Dallas also at 3-4. The problem though is that outside of Washington, the Cowboys and Eagles seem to have found their franchise quarterbacks. Yes we all say Dak cant throw deep but he has zeke Elliot and now Amari Cooper. The point is every other team seems to be trending up while the Giants are in a free-fall.

4 2 0 .667 126 121 3-1-0 1-1-0 W2
3 4 0 .429 154 138 2-2-0 1-2-0 L1
3 4 0 .429 140 123 3-0-0 0-4-0 L1
1 6 0 .143 137 185 0-3-0 1-3-0 L4

We have to hope that Dave Gettlemen has a plan now that the Giants are in this trading frenzy to accumulate draft picks and free up cap space. If this is anything like Jerry Reese, then Giants fans can look forward to becoming the Jets of the last decade and all the misery that comes with it. But hey, misery loves company.

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